FRC Quick Build Steps – Programming

What you’ll need in this room:

  • Programming Laptop
  • Windows Drive Station Laptop (may be the same as the above)
  • Admin access to the above laptop(s)
  • roboRIO
  • Sauro Connector (roboRIO power connector)
  • Radio
  • Radio Power Connector
  • Ethernet Cable
  • USB A to B cable (printer cable)
  • USB C cable
  • NI serial number (FRC Coach will need to login to FIRST dashboard)
  • NI account or authority to create a new NI account


(based on )


  • uninstall “National Instruments Software”
  • uninstall “CTRE Phoenix Framework”
  • uninstall any old FRC updates
  • uninstall old Labview
  • uninstall old radio tool



  • connect power & USB to roboRIO
  • update roboRIO firmware to v6.0.0 or later (6.0.0f1)
  • image roboRIO to 2022 (2022_v3.0)
  • connect power & ethernet to radio
  • image radio


  • create testbench (“Getting Started” Example)
  • push (deploy) robot program to RIO
  • open “FRC Drive Station”
  • set team number in Driver Station
  • make sure Driver Station is connected properly