Q: Does it cost to attend FTC Block Coding Day?
A: No

Q: What will be covered during FTC Block Coding Day?
A. We will cover basic FTC block programming. The day will be interactive and hands-on. We’ll cover basic configuration of the hardware, basic programming and debugging, and if time permits we’ll wander into advanced topics. We will focus on the attendees and addressing individual questions.

Q: Where is the event held?
A: FTC training day is held at KCEZ. See the location page.

Q: Can students attend without a coach?
A: We require adult supervision. Check with your school’s policy. We do not require a coach to attend, just an adult.

Q: What should I bring?
A: Please bring your control system (rev hub, phones, connectors, charged batteries, joysticks, wiring, motors, sensors) and a computer to do blocks programming. The computer must have WiFi and a chrome browser. The controls you bring can be in the form of a robot or as components that you’ll connect together. Just be sure you bring all your controls and cables. More is better. We’ll cover as much as possible in the time allotted. If you don’t bring controls, you can still gain from the class, but if you have a chance to work through the exercises you’ll be better off.